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The value in understanding English cannot be excessive in a growing interrelated and globalized environment. There are a lot of immigrants who came to the world meeting non-English speaking in different countries each year, in communicating through the English language is a serious matter since it opens doors in succeeding the common English countries. Equipping with English knowledge can make opportunities in the international and regional industries.

The English language is considered as an international language which places fourth largely on the most common dialect. Regarding an increasing number of speakers, this is known as the mainstream language all over the globe since it is the main language used in international events. Having the English language contains an official status across in nations where it is not considered as their main language since English has been undeniably known as the number one language when it comes to global transactions and commerce. In most countries, many tourism officials are required to speak English publicly to be interactive with the tourists and immigrants.


Along the whole procedure being made, the language translation facilities and other related software are the major languages of the pervasive and the whole influential world wide web programs are all in English which is the language of the updated version software and programs, along with new freeware, shareware, and other social media networks. However, software and hardware manuals are known as product fact documents of famous customer electronics and other entertainment applications which are commonly available in the English language which is primarily made for other languages.

Furthermore, in most universities and colleges around the Western and Asian countries wherein it attracts an increasing number of international students, the main language is still English. In most business institutions, medical centers and highly innovated institutes which contain advanced studies are usually located in North America and other areas in Great Britain wherein the English language is being used in their school activities for higher learning and proper distribution of communication. A lot of groups of journalists and technical examinations which provide international claims for professionals such as scientists and technologists are written in English.


The impact and the strong influence of the United States including the Great Britain regarding political concerns and international affairs in the previous years have rest assured the multiplication and acceptance of English which serves as the main spoken language in most countries. The large spread acceptance of the massive American culture has provided English language lessons. Having a functional language such as English has been valued among diplomats and high positioned official in well-known countries like Germany, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, France and Russia, where they can learn how to speak fluently and understand the art of global relations and international diplomacy.

Being able to understand and know the English language opens a lot of job opportunities in several countries all over the market. An example would be having an English local education in London or other institutions and agencies in big cities such as New York who provides jobs to those who have multilingual skills and have excellent English speaking abilities. Lastly, the Commonwealth of Nations is building up around 50 other countries which offer employment to those who will be able to pass their standards in English communication.