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There are a lot of metal and chemical cleaning solutions available in the market; it can actually depend on which type of soil or dirt you are trying to remove. Through time cleaning solution companies have found other chemical processes in order to produce environmentally friendly cleaning solutions especially for metal since before and even now the concern about these industries is the way they are producing such toxic chemicals which is harmful not only to humans who will come in contact with them but with the earth’s ozone layer as well. Alot of companies have started to use some chemicals that are cost efficient and require low electricity to process.

There are metal and solvent cleaning agents that are highly flammable which means you should be really very careful when using it. Flammable though it is not highly flammable can still cause harm and start a fire. There is also already non-flammable but it does not mean that those non flammable solutions are not harmful because those are still chemicals which means that if you have a child at home then it is very best and highly suggested that you put those cleaning agents away  beyond their reach or maybe, just keep it in an enclosed place where only adults have access to it.


The reason why there are also already a lot of types and forms of cleaning agents, especially metal cleaning agents, is because it depends on a number of factors. You need to determine the type of dirt that you want to remove for metals such as first the rust, or soil, or even oil. Then another factor that you would consider is the surface of the metal that you are going to clean because if in the event that you are cleaning an important metal thing then it is best to use the appropriate cleaner for it so that it would not damage the coating of the metal since it would be another problem and processes for metal treatment. That is why the cleaner should depend if the surface of the metal is roughed, or there are times that the metal has a buffed surface, then it also has a matte or polished surface so be sure to determine the metal surface that you are going to clean first. Also, one other factor that you need to identify in order to know which cleaning agent to use is the type of metal like if it is a metal that is made of steel, aluminium, wrought iron, brass, stainless steel, copper, zinc or any other type of metal.